A Division of Markham Investi​gations and Protection

Uniform Security

Our uniform security division is comprised of some of the industries best security officers.  A combination of  extensive training and backed with state of the art technology we are ready for all threats. With TrackTik, you’ll never be left wondering about your guard’s whereabouts. GPS tracking feeds a dynamic/real-time map that displays the location of your guards. Geofencing lets you establish where your officers can check-in and also enables you to create restricted zones for your guards to avoid. Supervisors and guards can be automatically notified by SMS and email alerts if the guard is in the forbidden zone you’ve established.  Our live feed of tour data helps us build a historical picture of your sites security, making it easier to identify trends and potential for improvements. By getting ahead of issues before they become full-blown problems, we increase the impact of security and help deliver a safer environment for our clients.


With the Officers training and using TrackTik Guard Tour module enables you to take an all-e​ncompassing look at your operations and develop a strategy that maximizes the value you receive.  Working with our team you can identify their most valuable assets and tailor your guard tour accordingly. Define your checkpoints based on this analysis to make sure you’re covering your priorities and define the actions required at each point. TrackTik allows you to define what happens at each checkpoint, including logging, displaying a message, opening a report form, asking exception questions, or triggering an incident alert. This powerful mobile support is compatible with iOS and Android and works using a variety of checkpoint types such as NFC, barcode, QR Code, Aztec, GPS, as well as manual check-ins.


Our software allows you to design robust, proportionate and effective guard tour protocols to match your site and areas within a site that were tasked with securing. With the geofencing feature, you can establish permitted and restricted zones at your sites, as well as designate special protocols tied to specific locations.  Geofencing works with the live GPS tracking associated with your security personnel’s devices to deliver an at-a-glance map view of your guard tour field operations, and also SMS and email notifications. These automatic notifications can be set up to provide alerts on entering and exiting zones, and to push reminders linked to specific geofenced areas.  With GPS and geocoded checkpoints, together with real-time security officer tracking, we can present a live picture of your guard tour operations that takes transparency and accountability to the next level.