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Portland Security and Protection, LLC has highly trained, armed or unarmed security professionals to provide site security for any venue, home or business. PSP security professionals who appear for duty on time, professionally dressed, courteous, and forthright in their attention to detail.  

Security needs often arise at the last minute. Our office is staffed 24/7 so no matter the time of day, you can always reach us. Our security  agents maintain mission readiness with less than 24 hours notice.  PSP can send one of our security agents to your home or business if you are not available when we receive a signal from your alarm system. You won’t have to rely on a neighbor or employee to respond to alarms. This service is especially beneficial for homeowners who travel frequently or have an alarm system installed in a vacation home.  Our Security agents will check your property for any signs of damage or break-ins. The security agents will meet responding police or fire units and provide information on the location of the alarm and reset the alarm as needed.  You can choose to have an security agents  response available 24 hours/day, or between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.


It is with profound sadness that we pause and offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of Portland Security and Protection co-founder and Managing Partner, John F. Shumate.  John passed away very suddenly this last weekend of natural causes while traveling for a family event.

His mark upon PSP, as well as the broader MIP Security Services family, as well as his colleagues throughout the United States on crisis response and disaster response contracts was immeasurable. We will miss John’s larger than life presence, infectious smile and guidance as a critical leader in our organization and in our personal interactions. John’s exceptional experience, along with his depth of humanity and leadership in our industry will be dearly missed at MIP and PSP.

Our Management Team

Jerry Hodgkinson

Managing Partner

Mr. Hodgkinson has over forty years’ experience in the private security field. During that time, he has been a member of security teams in locations around the world as either a Team Leader, Asst. Team Leader or a team member. Mr. Hodgkinson has provided security for foreign dignitaries, royalty, as well as U.S. political figures, and a number of executives with Fortune 500 companies.

John F. Shumate​

Managing Partner

Mr. Shumate is a 30-year veteran of the Security Industry and is highly ​analytical, dedicated, and intuiti​ve professional, powered with proficiency in threat assessment, monitoring of security systems, coordination with various service providers and providing close personal protection and security.  Possess expertise in emergency procedures, enforcement administration,  Corporate security protection, Executive protection practices, Risk mitigation, and Investigative  procedures and practices.  

Our Security Personnel

Cameron Bradfield

Security Personnel

Henry Miles

Security Personnel

Austin Summers

Security Personnel

Jesse Crommie

Security Personnel


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